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I leverage the AIDA model and weave customer-centric stories to deliver highly-relevant B2B content that Attracts, Engages, and Delights customers. I write every piece to be punchier to draw utmost attention to your brand and ignite undying interest in your product or service. 

The Goal

To stimulate an inherent desire for your product or service and help customers reach THIS IT! moment.

The Results

I spur increased signups and demos from customers who will actually convert. Ultimately, you’ll savor a decimated churn rate, increased online sales, and above all, a significantly-growing MRR.

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Let's Make Content Marketing Work For you.

How do you want to educate your audience, communicate your message, and build long-lasting relationships with users who care about your brand? 

Whatever the need, I have a unique set of skills to help bring your ideas to life through content marketing. I will help you tell your story in a way that aligns with your company goals while providing value to your target audience.

I focus on writing high-converting blog posts, social media posts, press releases, and white papers for B2B brands. I’ve created premium content around a wide range of SaaS topics such as CRM, HR, accounting, help desk, live chat, marketing, remote work, business intelligence, project management, and process automation software, to name a few. 

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