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The B2B SaaS arena is synonymous with a quick-paced buying environment, embodied by customer self-service and varying buying cycles. Even worse, B2B customers are self-reliant and most of them are 57% through the buying process before they reach out to your sales representatives. 

Since 61% of B2B decision makers start the buying process online, you have to enhance your online and social presence. This is where content marketing comes into play!

Content marketing is vitally important to your B2B marketing and sales strategies. To nail it, you’ve to consistently deliver B2B content that’s clickable, readable, shareable, and most importantly, highly relevant to what your customers are searching for. 

It’s not a matter of casting the net wide and clinging to a mere possibility that the content or copy will nudge your prospects. No! To generate inherent liking for your product and boost SaaS sales, you’ve to create super strategic SaaS content that resonates with specific customer needs. 

Unfortunately, whether you’re an early-stage bootstrapper or a seasoned B2B SaaS company, this is never smooth sailing.varying

The good news is, You’ve found ME 

I’m Samson Max and I passionately love helping B2B SaaS companies thrive. I am a mathematician, writer, and digital marketer all rolled into one.  I pride myself as a persuasive and effective writer with a skill set that goes beyond what most content writers can offer.

Firstly, the love for numbers brightens my customer research and is a highly valuable skill in the data-driven world and SaaS marketing arena. Using this skill, I research buyer persona to pinpoint what speaks to your target audience. 

Secondly, I understand the ins and outs of B2B content marketing, having been in the field for more than 5 years now. I can distill your technology/product and package the information using the right techspeak, style, and tone. This, while using the characteristics and needs of your target audience as the guardrails to deliver content that provides incredible value in a Simple, Compelling, and Elegant way. 

Some of My Strengths at a glance

Trust me, when it comes to writing content for SaaS, I’ve got the knack. With my skill set, I can easily package your product, simple or complex, using content and take it to the market in a consumable manner. I’ll help your brand consistently deliver great content that keeps your customers informed, educated, and engaged.

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