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What I Can Do For You.

Blog Posts

Result-oriented, SEO-optimized blog posts that generate leads and boost signup conversion. I create short-form and long-form blog posts to help put the word out about your B2B product or service.

White Papers

Rigorously-researched and well-written white papers to educate the audience, build your brand’s, credibility, and generate leads.

Press Release

Press releases with a clear message to announce a new product/service release, promotion, or giveaway to reach a larger audience and beat competitors to the sale.

Social Media Content

Insightful content that reaches exactly the people who care about your brand on their favorite social channel. Great way to promotes your B2B SaaS product and drives traffic to your website.

How the magic happens.

1. Meet

The good news is, you have found me. But, first and foremost, let’s have a quick call to make sure we’re the right fit.

Only 10-30 minutes for an intro call to learn where your business stands and see how we can use content to boost its growth. Beyond that, I will be eager to learn more about your audience as well as the brand’s voice and tone.

2. Create

This is a two-part process aimed at delivering in-depth SEO-driven posts. If you have an in-house team creating the content framework, just send me the content brief and I’ll dive straight to research.

If not, I’ll be happy to handle topic planning, target selection, outlining, and research. In this case, I will send the outline complete with subheadings for each section for approval. The outline will also include statistics, interesting quotes, and images i’d like to use in the final post.

Once the outline is approved and the research is complete, I will get to work on writing outstanding content that engages, attracts, delights, and informs your target audience. The final draft will include SEO-optimized title, SEO-optimized meta description, and a suggested URL for the post.

3. Deliver

I pride myself on meeting clients requirements and sticking to deadlines. Usually, we’ll agree on the deliverable dates in advance, probably during the onboarding call or after the outline approval. The best part about working with me is you’ll have the content delivered on time. More often than not, I send the final draft back before deadline.

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Publish-ready B2B Content


Free Custom visual graphics

Designed by experts

Timely Delivery + Value for Money

No regrets


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